Business Retreats at Wildwood Springs Lodge

Business Retreat Packages

This package is for exclusive use of the whole lodge…. This includes all 52 rooms for employees to spend the night, our lobby, porches, dinning room (to use as a meeting area), and upstairs meeting room. The grounds are also available for relaxation time between meetings. During meetings we are able to provide tea, water, caffeinated and decaffeinated coffee along with cookies to snack on. If you would like other meals served there is an extra charge per person for each meal.


Dinning Room: Our dinning room is our largest room. This room will comfortably seat 160 people at tables of four. However, if there is a smaller number, chairs and tables can be moved into a U-shape or T-shape to accommodate the meeting.

Upstairs Meeting Room: This small meeting room is set up like a living room. There are two tables that seat four each, a sofa, and a few chairs. This is ideal for a meeting of 15 or less.

Porches: Our porches are also a nice meeting area, if weather permits. There is seating for 15 or less on the front porch, while the dinning room porch will seat up to 25 with tables and rockers.

Lobby: Our lobby can also be used as a large meeting room. There are sofas and chairs situated through out the lobby and tables in the bar area. If more seating in needed chairs can be brought in.


$4,500.00 per day
Sunday thru Thursday

If you have any questions or would like to reserve the lodge for your
business retreat, please call us at 573 775 2400.