Enjoy a float on the Meramec River

Enjoy a float on the Meramec River

The Floating package is a great two night getaway. The first night is an ideal time to unwind and relax by our pool. The next day offers you plenty of time to float the Meramec River and not have to worry about getting home. We will fix you a filling sack lunch to take on the river with you. After your trip on the river, come back and relax or take an evening walk along our hiking trails. On Saturday nights, you can build a campfire overlooking the valley. Great for families or just to bring back the memories when you were a kid.

Wildwood Springs Lodge
(1922 – 2022)

Special Float Package
Meramec River

(Sunday thru Thursday)
June 26 thru Aug. 5

No Hassle

$202.00 per person Upstairs
$220.00 per person Downstairs

  • 2 Nights Stay
  • 2 Dinners
  • 2 Breakfasts
  • Float
  • 1 Sack Lunch

Pick up at Lodge – Returned to Lodge

You can Float  3 or 6 miles

Canoe, Raft,  Kayak or Tube.
You pick.

We Provide Sack Lunch

Floating on Weekends you can Contact
The Rafting Company (573) 775-2628
Birds Nest Lodge (573) 775-2606